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     Prop Scan® trained and certified

       We, at Black Dog Propellers,  are experts in propeller repairs and sizing new propellers for repowers and new builds.  We also sell new propellers and distribute for all major manufacturers. We utilize the Prop Scan® propeller inspection system for all of our propeller repairs and verifying new propeller accuracy.  Prop Scan® allows us to perform repairs that adhere to ISO 484/2 * tolerances on pitch standards, which makes our propellers extremely accurate. This accuracy will increase the efficiency of the propeller(s) and produce better speeds, reduce fuel consumption and eliminate propeller induced vibration.

We guarantee that your propeller(s) repair will be accurate the first time, whether we are adjusting for WOT¹ (wide open throttle) RPM, mismatched engine RPM or a performance tune up.

We guarantee our accuracy and our work!

* see Prop Scan® page
¹ see engineering page