Harvey McChesney

Gene, THANK YOU!!!! Dynamic balancing did the trick. Finally after 4 years of checking pitch, lapping the prop to the shaft, facing the coupling, and a new cutlass bearing with no improvement in the shaft whip, your dynamic balancing of my prop made the shaft run smooth and made the vibration disappear. Great improvement. Much appreciated. Harvey

Harvey McChesney

Thank You

I sent you props that were not optimal and I did not know it. You identified they were deficient more so than nicks. You selected replacements. I drove her last week and could not believe the performance improvement. Vibration gone; prop catch of water greatly improved. Nice ride. Your expertise greatly valued. John Erikson

Message of Appreciation

Thank you for your help & guidance in helping me pick a new prop for my C & C Landfall 38. I picked up a full knot motoring (now up to 7.5 knots) & am able to run full throttle with ZERO vibration or overheating of the engine. You nailed it!
Appreciatively yours,

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