engineeringKeep in mind this is a general overview and for more specific information you’ll need to contact us.

All boats are propped for WOT (wide open throttle) RPM as all marine engines whether gas or diesel powered have an engine manufacturer specification for WOT rpm. As an example typical gas power engines have a range 4000-4400 or 4200-4600, etc., depending on engine manufacturer and engine model. While diesel powered engines have a set specification, ie: 3196 Cats are 2800 WOT rpm. These engine manufacturer specifications are in a loaded condition (fuel, water, people, provisions) under way.

Understand that boats are very dynamic and things change when they leave the factory. Usually weight is added, maintenance of engines and hull is a factor as well as added accessories (generators, dingy, etc) all of which will effect performance.

If you cannot achieve engines manufacturers specification for WOT rpm then there are issues and you need to contact us.

This section is basically for new builds, re-powers and for those who feel they are not propped correctly

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